viii: A Moment From a Film

What we love or respond to in art and popular culture can tell us a lot about who we are; this is one of the things that this movement is interested in capturing. So, think of a moment from a film. Maybe it is one of your favorite films - an instance you cherished, perhaps because it moved you, made you laugh - or cry - in joy, horror, or sadness. Then describe that moment in a few evocative words. Please try to omit from your description any specifics like character names or places, and if possible keep it to less than fifteen words…


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The man realises that he is the sacrifice, the girl is alive and he must die for the failed crop. Posted by christian webb on
The fat man eats a doughnut while the rest do press ups for his sins. Posted by christian webb on
A group of boys are running across a bridge, there's a train approaching, two are falling behind...they run as fast as they can screaming, then they and jump, just missing the speeding train. Posted by christian webb on
The man suddenly ages, he then looks up and sees a large rectangular shape at the end of his bed... the music swells, then he dies. Posted by Christian Webb on
She sits on the kitchen floor, sobbing, unravelling. He peels himself from the window frame - falls to death. Posted by Emily on
no, no Abraham, not the theatre tonight! Posted by Sarah on
She jumps off the bridge and then she's just floating/falling Posted by Jan on
it goes all psychedelic at the end Posted by Jan on
When Bill Murray hands over the wheel to the Groundhog and drives off the cliff Posted by Lydia on
A character walks into a tree mid-sentence. (Incredible comic timing in an otherwise terrible film).

Singing and dancing when he's never been brave enough before.

Skipping stones into a Parisian canal.

In a pub, expressing what it's like to be tired of constantly falling in love with people.
Posted by Kate on
Cavatina theme from The Deer Hunter: Because I began learning to play it on my guitar before I heard the music or seen the film and it's one of my most played, loved pieces. Posted by Albert on
A funeral procession leading through a rocky landscape in beating sun Posted by ann on
He picks up the dog, looks around to check no one's watching, and shoves it down the garbage shoot. Posted by ann on
A funeral procession leading through a rocky landscape in beating sun Posted by ann on
That moment when the character knows they are going to die.... Posted by Tristan on
The film is full of nonsense sentences like this. I mean, really. Posted by Ricky Leach on
Also in the same film he says something like 'There always is Paris', as we'd ever doubt it Posted by Ricky Leach on
A man says 'Here's Looking at you kid', even though he's talking to a grown woman Posted by Ricky Leach on
Death leads his victims in a macabre dance across a hillside and on to oblivion. Posted by Leah Kardos on
tense, blackly-funny (in bad taste), critical & heart-breaking. Posted by Sinead on
Martyrs Of The Empire - Firing squad on the high Veldt - 'Shoot Straight!', Injustice (eek - bit heavy?) Posted by open day donation on
She rings from the phone box, brave face, pretending everything has gone to plan and is OK Posted by open day donation on
When he reveals his identity to the emperor (Caesar) and says he will revenge the death of his wife and son Posted by open day donation on
The breadth, depth and awesomeness of the scenic view Posted by Steve on
Everything has lead to this moment. Veil on, she walks into her new life. Posted by open day donation on
There's a knock on the door. It opens, there to greet the girl is a gigantic elderly lady. She booms hello and opens her arms. The girl rushes into her embrace. What we know, but she doesn't, is that the Lady is actually a man, an undercover cop. Posted by open day donation on
The hero is dead, and quite unexpectedly. Posted by Alan on
As the CGI showoffs did their thing, my mind drifted. Was this seat always so uncomfortable or is it the result of hundreds of people of different shapes and sizes making it 'theirs' for a few hours? Posted by Caryl on
The look of love, anguish and pain when he told his son that he couldn't take him swimming. Overwhelming, unbearable, unforgettable. Posted by Caryl on
Horror and hilarity (or was it hysteria?), laughter and tears when I realised 'she' was 'me'. I loved and hated her all at once. Posted by Caryl on
It's a British movie, so bad I've fallen asleep. When I awaken, Danny Dyer dies again. Posted by Sarah davies on
freedom!!! Posted by lynn on
freedom!!! Posted by lynn on
Defeat is momentary! Posted by Kayte on
Defeat is momentary! Posted by Kayte on
The vegetables in the cart started singing Posted by Beccy on
They left everything unsaid....and yet they'd been silently saying it all along Posted by Rebecca on
Frank 'N' Furter making an entrance from an elavator Posted by Cara on
A beautiful blonde girl tap dancing in a bowling alley Posted by Dave on
Ten years old, listening to ghostly whispers from under the stairs with only bedclothes for protection. Posted by Adrian Lynch on
A man has mislaid his hat, which is a big no no in the 40s. He suspects someone, a spy perhaps, has taken it. A posh girl in a nice frock patronises him in her clipped RP. He smiles an idiot grin. The fake boat rocks outrageously. The next number is upbeat and features the ukele. Posted by Sarah Davies on
He carries her home in her soiled wedding dress and gently, quietly, undresses and bathes her Posted by kittymcdoodle on
the pill is chosen, and he is torn from his universe and birthed into hell Posted by kittymcdoodle on
He points two bloody fingers at his head like a gun and pulls the trigger. Posted by Reina on
Jesus and his disciples eat pizza for their last supper. Posted by Jan Maher on
A taxman gives a baker a gift of flours to show his romantic interest. Posted by Patrick on
Frogs fall from the sky over Los Angeles. Posted by Frank on
He danced about naked in front of the mirror and then swares Posted by Arnie on
The mask got lowred and smoke came out the side Posted by Kings Arms Project on
Floating bikes through the forrest Posted by Kings Arms Project on
The Docter was chased by a boulder Posted by Simon from Kings Arms Project on
Man( a mill worker) watching his son get into the taxi to go off on his honeymoon realises that his son isnt in fact his son but is the son of his best friend who disappeared withgout trace 20 plus years previous. He breaks down in front of his Wife Lucy and thier younger son. Younger son rushes to comfort him "Dad what's the matter?" he looks to his mum in distress at seeing his elderly father reduced to tears. His dad replies "It's life Son, at your age it makes you bloody laugh but at my age it makes you bloody cry". CHOKED!!!! Posted by Jackie on
Two out of work actors (dreamers)escape London for an idyllic break in the countryside. No electricity in cottage, constant rain, cold, wet and hungary and trudging through a field in the middle of nowhere they encounter a man in a tractor. "Are you the farmer, please help us, We've come on holiday by mistake". No need to say what film... cracks me up every time! Posted by Jackie on
Man to balloon seller: Question "Hey man do you have any of those funny shape ballonns" Answer "well that depends on whether you think round's a funny shape"...Not sure what film but made me spit out my tea. Posted by Jackie on
The man is talking about the slipping away of memory and how all our experiences are deremembered, null when we cease to exist. Rain like Autumn in Manchester is falling on his face. I am never completely clear whether or not he releases the dove or if it flies free once he ceases to move. Posted by sarah davies on
I cried for about a week, every time I thought of it. When he looked in the mirror and cried "I'm so ugly" The saddest film I've ever seen. Posted by Jackie on