vi: A Toddler Describing Their Hero

Collecting the lyrics for this movement about toddlers’ heroes will mostly involve working with local schools and play-groups. However, if you have access to a toddler then we would love to hear from them! Firstly, ask them to think of a hero. It could be a friend or family member, a fictional character, or someone famous. Once they have settled on a choice, ask them to describe why this person is a hero to them; it will be these descriptions that will come to form the text for this section of the piece. Though shorter is better in terms of fitting the words into lyrics, please resist the urge to edit their language!...


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Tree Fu Tom is a superhero. He can make spells. Posted by Lesley King on
Mario has lots of different worlds.His clothes are red at the top and bottom. Blue in middle with am M on. He can run fast.He has a brother called Luigi. His clothes are green with an L in the middle. He can fly with with the wing caps when he has wing caps on. He throws fire balls when he has the fire flower.He does all this to save a princess. Posted on July 18th,2012. Posted by christine stone on
My Daddy isn't just Daddy anymore. With his builder's hat on, he's a builder! Posted by Sarah on
Captain Poo in PooLand..........hahahaha Posted by Sarah on
My Daddy isn't just Daddy anymore. With his builder's hat on, he's a builder! Posted by Sarah on
My Mum because she takes care of me, she buys me what I want and she doesn't let anything happen to me. Posted by ??? on
Super Mummy, cause she looks after me, she does my hair and she never makes me starve. Posted by Nadine on
Miss Hutchins because she helps me, she's a good teacher. Posted by Raish on
Miss Begum, she kind to me. Posted by Masumo on
Miss S. Begum.. our teacher's assistant, because she does stuff for you, she's really kind. She went all the way to Saudi Arabia and brought something for us. Posted by Mahira on
Ronaldo cause I like him, he's my favourite footballer. He plays good. Posted by Mizanul on
Spiderman because he's strong. Posted by ???? on
A doctor because they save people. Posted by ??? on
Superman because he could drag people. Posted by ??? on
Wonderwoman because she's pretty and she helps people and she's cool. Posted by ??? on
Bloom from Wingsclub, she's my favourite superhero she saves the world from evil and she has magic enchanted powers. She's got 5 friends and counting her that's 6. Posted by ???? on
Bloom, she has a superpower, she can save anyone no matter what. She has any kind of power, she helps anyone if they're in trouble. She helps people like if they're sbout to fall in a river she helps them, quickly. Posted by ??? on
they helped my sister when hit by a truck. Posted by ???? on
Eagle Man, cause he got web. Posted by ???? on
Teacher... don't know....she always help me with my work. Posted by ???? on
The Doctor, because he took my teeth out. Posted by ???? on
Mum,, she can save people. Posted by ???? on
He can get a web and chase people. Posted by ???? on
When he had to stop the train he was really strong. Posted by ??? on
HaHaHa yaa to me. He likes crisps and cheese. And my doggy is crazy. Posted by ????? on
Brother, he's always telling you what to do. He is strong too. Posted by ???? on
Sister... she help me. Posted by ???? on
A Girl because she got powers. She got magic powers. Posted by ???? on
Bloom from Wings club, she has fairy power no matter what she nice to everyone. She risked her life to save the world. Posted by ??? on
Doctor...if they give you medicine they can help. Posted by ??? on
My Mum, whenever someone does something to me she tells them off. Posted by ???? on
Assistant- very kind and she's laughing Posted by ??? on
You be Dangermouse, you be Penfold, and I'm gonna be.. BULK! (Villain from Superted) Posted by Ricky Leach on
Oso It's all part of the plan more or less Posted by sue on
Ulysses has a spaceship and stops the bad ones. The people float in the air. He is always good. Posted by Kayte on
Spiderman, oh Spiderman, does what he can. Spins a web with his eyes. Has his tea. Squashes flies Posted by Sarah Davies. on
You be Robin and I be Batman and you stay home and make my tea Posted by kittymcdoodle on