iv: A Memorable Journey

The routes and journeys we take can be significant for any number of reasons, depending on the context. The lyrics for this movement, though, will remove that context, leaving only three simple facts: where one memorable journey you have taken began, where it ended, and how you travelled. Even though emptied of other details, these potentially insignificant snippets of information still contain within them the suggestive seeds for a complete, powerful narrative. So, we are asking you to pick a particular journey and reduce it to the following formula: 

From ____ to ____ by ____

E.g.: From Bedford to Edinburgh by car.


Other Visitors Comments

From Single to Love via Noble Rot ...or something like that! Posted by Clare McCrow on
From a broken wing to a singing sparrow, by (way of) Cupid's arrow. Posted by Simon (Sunsinger) on
My house to a garage a mile away, I took the field with a friend by bike, scared of the roundabout, we both got a flat tire. Posted by Christian Webb on
From Marston to Bedford, a car with 8 teenage boys crammed in, we got a puncture and my friend said to his father I think we we got a puncture, his dad got angry. Posted by Christian Webb on
From Dar es Salaam to Kampala by burnt out bus with chickens. Posted by Emily on
From Ayr to Edinburgh by car. I had been looking out of the car window at the beauty that was before me. Suddenly I was aware of the lovely music that was coming out of the car radio. I don't know what the music was or whereabouts we were on the journey but the beauty and the music combined to make a wonderful journey. Posted by John on
From Ahanta to Nashville by Megabuss Posted by // on
From Mum and Dad's house to Castlehaven Beach by foot Posted by Lucy Wells on
From London to the Isle of Wight by rental Ford Focus.
From London to Cornwall by sleeper train.
Posted by Kate on
From field to farmyard by tractor
From home to Heathrow by limousine
Posted by John on
from the West Indies to England by boat and train. Posted by Gordon on
From Jamaica to Durham by ship to be a nurse. It was a journey I wanted to take since I was small. Posted by Sheila/ Gloria on
We walked to school, it was a mile from home to school and we walked. Posted by Cathrice on
Fro West Indies to U.K. by Tourist Boat.
Arrive in the U.K. from the West Indies by a Tourist Boat which took 3 weeks. It was interesting as to know the U.K. This was in 1957.
Posted by Bernard on
From Bedford to Orlando by plane. It was cold here, it was warm there. Posted by Lester on
From home to Spain by coach. We stopped in France, bought a sandwich, when I asked what meat? the man pointed to a horse. It really put me off. Posted by Vera on
From Jamaica to London by plane and from London to Bedford by car, in 1962, I'm 93 now. Posted by Olga on
I came to England 1962 from Jamaica by Jet Plane.

In 2007 I became Glamorous Grandmother in London, in 2010 I entered into Miss International, came 2nd, I was the oldest in the competition, I left the young ones behind. It's never too late to show your true colours. I have lots of trophy at home. Tell the other ones to step out the shadow and show the light.
Posted by Janet on
From London to Queens Park. Posted by Amar on
From Trinidad to England via plane at age 12, on my own. Taken to Trinidad airport by my grandmothers (both of them. Looked after by the stewardess and collected by my Mum in London. My first journey on my own anywhere. Posted by Albert on
from safety to sorrow, via uncertainty, by land, sea and air Posted by ann on
from bad to worse Posted by Carine on
From Paris to Berlin by every disco I've been in. Oops, that's a horrid dance track. From Potton to Falmouth via my father's car. Posted by Luke Tuchscherer on
From the beach to the sea by running with my husband Posted by Dawn on
From here to cavalry by wine and blood.
from the tiki bar to the holy land by the light of your body.
From Stalingrad to Miami by good taste and faith.
From your parents' to your friends' by all I have left.
From the tub to the club by a hunger for love.
Posted by Adam Cotton on
From my front door to my workplace by the grit of my teeth. (am I allowed two?) Posted by Helen Hall on
From to city of destruction to the celestial city by the pilgrims progress. Posted by Lydia Saul on
From the pub to my mates house via the chippy Posted by Eamonn on
From dispair to hopefulness by the love of God's son. Again and again, and over again Posted by Helen Hall on
From Bohinj to Bled by bare feet Posted by Adam Greenwood Byrne on
From here to the river on foot Posted by Leah Kardos on
From Luton to Belfast by accident Posted by Ricky Leach on
From the station to the hotel by horse drawn sledge Posted by Sheila on
from hopital to home by car in deep snow Posted by Jane Mortimer on
from home to the seside by car Posted by Jane Mortimer on
From the top to the valley at night Posted by Ann on
From Sorata to La Paz by ambulance Posted by Ann on
From Walsall to Redruth by train to attend college - 1985 - in the far west train goes alongside the sea at Teignmouth the sun coming through the trees, listening to ' Close To The Edge' by Yes! Posted by open day donation on
From home to Ireland by car and ferry. Memorable because I turned into Wonder Woman and chase a robber successfully regaining the bag he had stolen. Posted by open day donation on
From home to Amsterdam by taxi, train, coach and ferry. A surprise birthday treat. Posted by open day donation on
From Bedford to Amesbury to Bedford by bike - Shattered! Posted by Steve on
from home to london by train, tube and foot. Heavy luggage, a cold night camped outside a theatre, tickets in hand for an incredible play. Posted by open day donation on
Victoria to Brno by bus Posted by Roger on
From Arezzo to Bedford by train. Posted by Alan on
From Bedford to Luton by police car Posted by Caryl on
From the fast lane to the hard-shoulder by car with no brakes Posted by Caryl on
From Waterloo to Victoria by bus Posted by Caryl on
from Las Vegas to L.A by car Posted by sarah on
from Berlin to Athens by bus Posted by Sarah on
From Bedford to Skye by car Posted by Kayte on
From Welkom to Kutlwanong by pick-up truck Posted by Beccy on
From the bottom of Ben Nevis to half way up by foot Posted by Rebecca on
Stuck in a traffic jam to Alton Towers with brownies being thrown at the window Posted by Cara on
Bedford to Germany to Bedford on tour by car Posted by Dave on
From Stanmore to Harrow by foot. Posted by Adrian Lynch on
From Cardiff, Wales to Richmond, London on the wings of love Posted by kittymcdoodle on
From ignorance to bliss via life. Posted by Jan Maher on
From Lonely to Loved by Internet Posted by Patrick on
From Dunkeld To Blairgowrie by broken bicycle Posted by Keezia on
From Birmingham to Dublin by plane. Posted by Frank on
From downhill to uphill going downhill Posted by Stuart on
Aberdeen to London By Bus Posted by Stuart on
Manchesta to Lloret De Mar by Van Posted by Arnie on
Aberdeen to Birmingham by Plane Posted by Kings Arms Project on
From home to home again, via Sri Lanka- a life changing experience in a nanosecond, underneath the blackest sky, an upside down moon and the tiniest pin pricks of stars. Wonderful words from someone special, never to be repeated in the same way again...... Posted by Katy on
From Home to Portbalintrae by the coast road Posted by Jan on
Walking on wet sand to the far Resort, at the edges of the shore. Two miles, it felt like more, weighed down by the sun. Posted by sarah davies on
From fear to enlightenment by motorcycle Posted by Caryl on
From Paris to hospital by train Posted by Fiona from London on
From Edinburgh to London -on foot. 422 miles. A once in a lifetime achievement Posted by Anne on