ii: Something You Like About Yourself

We can sometimes be so aware of our flaws that to surrender something we actually respect about ourselves is a little harder, and potentially more awkward. This, however, is what we are asking you to do here. It could be something utterly fundamental or relatively superficial – ranging from ‘I make others feel better’ to ‘I think I have good hair’. If possible, try to keep it to under fifteen words…


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I am my own sunshine Posted by ann on
I have learnt how to be colour blind, faith blind, sex blind. Posted by Emily on
I can get on well with anyone - I hope Posted by // on
I have an evil sense of humour Posted by Jan on
I am a twin, but I have my own birthday. We were born either side of midnight. Posted by Lydia on
I really do try. Posted by Kate on
However challenged I am I keep positive by remembering the good things in my life.

I like making people feel good about themselves.

I like teaching people new skills.
Posted by Jane on
Because I'm me. Posted by Delores on
I like everything about myself as I'm wonderfully blessed. Posted by Paulette on
Everything! I wouldn't want to change anything about myself, I'm grateful to the Messiah. Posted by Marie on
I like having a good time! Posted by Lester on
I'm a good cake-baker! Posted by Vera on
I'm healthy and frisky. Posted by Olga on
I'm very young at heart, guess my age, I won't tell you..
I'm very out-going.
I enjoy life.
Posted by Janet on
I try to be open minded, I'm helpful and fortunate to be on this planet. Posted by Amar on
I like railway traveling, I worked for Indian railways for 3 years.... Posted by Hzara on
I'm friendly to everybody, prepared to help. Posted by George on
Giving people the opportunity to discover that not all people are bad and that the world is a beautiful & vibrant place! Posted by Jackie on
The importance I place on conversation with a high degree of discursive density. Posted by Adam Greenwood Byrne on
I have impeccable taste in everything, according to me. Posted by Leah Kardos on
I have cool tatoos Posted by Tristan on
My knockers are cracking! Posted by Sinead on
I like difficult people Posted by Ann on
I embrace my dynamism Posted by open day donation on
I thank god for my voice because people enjoy my singing Posted by open day donation on
I am grateful I can be patient Posted by open day donation on
I like my body's pre-raphaelite shape Posted by open day donation on
I am precise in my criticisms. Posted by Frank on
My beard Posted by Roger on
My insatiable hunger for knowledge. Posted by Alan on
I am learning - I am still learning and I will never stop learning and being curious. Posted by Lisa on
my skin that helps keeps stuff in Posted by lynn on
Giving girls opportunites by volunteering with Girlguiding Bedfordshire Posted by sue on
Inner bliss gives me te energy to love unconditionally Posted by Mike on
that i can see something precious in something discarded Posted by Rebecca on
i like to be giving and sharing. June 18th,2012. Posted by christine stone. on
I refuse to stop learning Posted by Alex Levene on
I’m friendly and outgoing, very tactile and love to cuddle. Posted by Kay Lynch on
I'll always try to listen if people need to talk Posted by Dave on
The fact I can't think of anything I like about myself, offhand. Posted by Sarah Davies on
I can touch my nose with my tongue and do single eyebrow press ups Posted by kittymcdoodle on
I am good at making people laugh. Posted by Reina on
I like to think I'm competent. Posted by Faith on
I like to think I'm competent. Posted by Faith on
I try to help make peoples lives better in small ways where I can. Posted by Patrick on
All the things I show nobody, which are reserved for those who look. Posted by A. Crow on
Red Red Red Posted by Dawn on
Im taller than most and it's been a strength,
I'm 6ft high and that's a lot of length!
Posted by David Holloway on