i: A Romantic Statement

Note: This movement has now been written so any more donations won't be included in the music, however, please don't let that stop you adding to this archive.

From the sentimental to the risqué - from a grand statement of love to a running joke between you and a partner, romantic statements can be among the most memorable words we utter and receive. Here we are looking for something romantic, loving, sensual, etc. that was actually expressed either by or to you. This movement is one of the most open-ended in terms subject matter, but will be one of the most important to the piece as a whole. If you can, please try to keep your contribution to under fifteen words…


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Never gonna let you down Posted by Rick on
What is the sound of loneliness? Two hearts beating as one, but never destined to be together, let's not make that mistake! Posted by David Holloway on
Never gonna give you up Posted by Rick on
Look at my hand it fits in yours, look at my arms they wrap around your waist, look at eyes they seek the truth, look in my heart and you'll find the answer! Posted by David Holloway on
When I look at you the music seems louder, the light shines brighter, and my heart beats faster! Posted by David Holloway on
Lie down on the mountain and let your body echo the shape of what sky is left. Posted by Emily on
I realised it was always you, you make the sun shine Posted by Emily on
Can I borrow you for a minute? That was twelve years ago now! Posted by Lydia on
It ended up very romantic when I had an evening out on my own when I met a young lady who then became the apple of my eye, I then married, but Sadly she is not with me now as she died in a terrible road accident. Still thinking of the great romance Posted by Bernard on
I was at a friend's house, I saw a man eating and I thought ,'I want to feed him'. Posted by Lyn on
That was a very good nights sleep! You are the best man on earth. Posted by Lester on
You've got a lovely bum dear, I'd love to go out with you! Posted by Vera on
I could not exist without my wife. Posted by Amar on
You are the drummer, I am the drum. Posted by Luke Tuchscherer on
i am a cold hand, you are my pocket; i am a spaceman, you are my rocket Posted by Kerry Owens on
You are the breath, I am the kiss. Posted by Reina on
I am I, and you are my he. Posted by Jim Bennett on
I am a moth and you are my flame? Posted by Laura on
I am your egg, you are my soldier Posted by Valerie Thompson on
I am the class you are my clown Posted by Christian Webb on
i am the sofa and you are my sandwich Posted by James on
I am the train, you are my track. Posted by Patrick on
I am the timpani in your symphony Posted by Andrew on
I'm a soup and you're my stock Posted by Frank on
You are my world Posted by Dawn on
you are my light at the end of the tunnel Posted by Dave on
I am a princess and you are my frog/toad/pea Posted by Anne-Marie on
I am a leaf and you are my vine. Posted by Simon Gutteridge on
You're the Tomcat and I'm your kitten. Posted by Jackie on
if I am a dog you are my bone. Posted by Carine on
I am a goat and you are my mountain.
I am a man and you are my woman.
Posted by Adam Cotton on
You are my rock Posted by Arthur on
You're magical! Posted by A on
Fast slow love (can it be measured?). Red man of soil. Hot ice bellywise. Seamews kissing. Posted by Adam Greenwood Byrne on
missing you like sleep Posted by Leah Kardos on
Hello pretty lady Posted by Ricky Leach on
I love you up to the sky, down to the ground, all around the world and back again. Posted by Sinead on
When my husband asked me to leave everything I had to become his wife. Posted by open day donation on
I love your smell, I could pick you out blind folded Posted by open day donation on
I wouldn't swap you for anyone. Posted by open day donation on
I love you to the max, and beyond, honey! Posted by open day donation on
I love your hair long Posted by open day donation on
Have you fallen face first into your makeup? Again Posted by open day donation on
I like to keep my glasses on when sleep so I can see what I'm dreaming about Posted by open day donation on
I mIss you like the ground. Posted by Roger Illingworth on
when star's,indifferent descend,i will fall about you,a thousand pieces,to mend. Posted by gary woodruff on
may you always think too much. Posted by Lisa on
Miss you and how amazing you make me feel sexy man. Posted by Mike on
I am missing how you make me feel too much. Posted by Mike on
You are on my team. Posted by Kayte on
I'll send the erratic heavy footed spider Posted by Rebecca on
I love you!!! Please don't leave me Posted by Cara on
Your past is yours, let your future be ours. Posted by Kay Lynch on
No matter how far you are, I'll still hold you close in my heart Posted by Dave on
I love you too. Look, the bus is coming. Posted by Sarah on
Being with you has taught me that I don't need to be fixed. Posted by Reina on
Somehow, I never thought discussing parenthetical citations would be so titillating [:)] Posted by sue da'casto on
I love you. Utterly. You are my air. Posted by kittymcdoodle on
Knock me up some breakfast before I knock you up Posted by Chris on
I'm a cat and you're my lap Posted by Laura on
You make me feel sparks. Posted by Frank on
Are you awake?! Posted by Katy on
I never knew there were posh Northerners Posted by Jackie on
Stay lucky. Posted by Erica on
I've lost my phone number, can I borrow yours! Posted by David Holloway on
Suck on my chocolate salty balls, stick em in your mouth and suck em! Posted by David Holloway on
always take the world with a pinch of salt Posted by Richard on
no time for love dr jones Posted by noel on
Its a race to make a face when you play mr pop Posted by james on
The rest is just white noise baby! Posted by Dawn Giles on