'Concerto Magnificent: An Anthology of All Things' is a choral project by Bedford-based composer Johnny Parry, commissioned by Bedford Creative Arts.  Its aim is to create a piece of music that engages with a wide spectrum of human experience, drawing upon Bedfordshire and its community for inspiration. The concerto will be performed at Bedford Corn Exchange by a specially-formed orchestra and choir on September 27 (tickets here).

The finished work will have eight movements, each movement with its own theme. The lyrics are to be made up of numerous phrases relating to these themes – ranging from romantic statements, old memories and significant journeys, to childhood heroes and epitaphs. Phrases concerning these subjects and more will be collected via interactions with community groups, as well as through the public's contributions to this website.

This is where you come in. Please take a minute to look at the themes covered by the different movements, listed below. Some cry out for input from people just like you! You can use the feedback system to add phrases, thoughts, and statements that you think should be included in work. Thank you for taking part in what promises to be a unique, and uniquely ambitious, piece of music...

i: A Romantic Statement

Here we are looking for something romantic, loving, sensual, etc. that was actually expressed either by or to you. Examples could include: pet names, words taken from wedding vows, a phrase written in a card or letter, chat-up lines that may or may not have worked, and so on. If you can, please try to keep your contribution to as concise as possible… [Read More]

Recently donated phrases:

Never gonna let you down
What is the sound of loneliness? Two hearts beating as one, but never destined to be together, let's not make that mistake!
Never gonna give you up
Look at my hand it fits in yours, look at my arms they wrap around your waist, look at eyes they seek the truth, look in my heart and you'll find the answer!
add your own ...

ii: Something You Like About Yourself

Here we ask you to indulge something that by no means always comes naturally: identifying something about yourself that you admire. Try to be honest, and resist the need to be modest! The feature could be something utterly fundamental or relatively superficial – ranging from ‘I’m a dedicated mother’ to ‘I am good with cars’. If possible, try to keep it to under fifteen words… [Read More]

Recently donated phrases:

I am my own sunshine
I have learnt how to be colour blind, faith blind, sex blind.
I can get on well with anyone - I hope
I have an evil sense of humour
add your own ...

iii: A Name Featured in a Song or Poem

This movement will consist of lines taken from the work of local musicians and poets which specifically mention people's names… [Read More]

Recently donated phrases:

Did Dawkins pull the trigger, when the Lord sniggered, ‘It’s good Dick, I like what you’ve done,
Zoë, tell me, how to you feel about Jed? ennifer sold real estate and worried about their widowed dad And the words known as Napoleon dreamt of marching through what would be Stalingrad And they had names like Romeo and Juliet and Greg and Joe and Casimir and Sue and Jeff and Len and Marianne, and Carrie-Anne and and Xerxes and Napoleon and Jennifer and Sylvia and Phil
Jesus, Mary, and Joeseph I'll go made about you. Pamela's father would be buried at sea Pamela's father held a candle a light Pamela's father as never heard from since again when you see Pamela looking all swell
Joe is a Magician, that works behind the bar
add your own ...

iv: A Memorable Journey

This one requires a few simple facts drawn from an important journey you have taken. We ask that you express a memorable journey using the following basic formula:

From ____ to ____ by ____

For example: from Paris to Home by train, etc. [Read More]

Recently donated phrases:

From Single to Love via Noble Rot ...or something like that!
From a broken wing to a singing sparrow, by (way of) Cupid's arrow.
My house to a garage a mile away, I took the field with a friend by bike, scared of the roundabout, we both got a flat tire.
From Marston to Bedford, a car with 8 teenage boys crammed in, we got a puncture and my friend said to his father I think we we got a puncture, his dad got angry.
add your own ...

v: A Dedicated Bench

This movement will consist of phrases, dedications, found on the many park benches that sit alongside the River Great Ouse, which runs through the centre of Bedford… [Read More]

vi: A Toddler Describing Their Hero

This movement focuses on toddlers, and who they consider to be their heroes – be those heroes real, fictional, or (in inimitable toddler fashion) somewhere in between. While the lyrics collected here will mainly come from workshops, if you have access to a toddler, why not ask them who their hero is and see what comes out? Keep it short if possible, but please don’t alter their idiosyncratic language!… [Read More]

Recently donated phrases:

Tree Fu Tom is a superhero. He can make spells.
Mario has lots of different worlds.His clothes are red at the top and bottom. Blue in middle with am M on. He can run fast.He has a brother called Luigi. His clothes are green with an L in the middle. He can fly with with the wing caps when he has wing caps on. He throws fire balls when he has the fire flower.He does all this to save a princess. Posted on July 18th,2012.
My Daddy isn't just Daddy anymore. With his builder's hat on, he's a builder!
Captain Poo in PooLand..........hahahaha
add your own ...

vii: A Memory From 1942

The text for this movement will consist of individual people's memories of the year 1942. These memories of seventy years ago need to be expressed simply and succinctly - they are mental snapshots of particular moments; if it can be put into ten to fifteen words then that is ideal… [Read More]

Recently donated phrases:

Alison & Sefton (both 93 years old): Getting married, Dec 1942. The cake was made of cardboard with a small real cake inside. Sefton went away straight afterwards for three years - in the army as a doctor.
Collected from interviews: Doris: Travelling the country to welcome home my sailor husband, wherever the port. Roy: Cycling from school, Doodlebugs overhead in the fog, afraid the sound would stop. Gwen: I was evacuated into the same house as the man I would go on to marry.
Mother obliged to take 3 evacuees - Father, Mother & Spoilt Brat, immediately hostile and unco-operative. After 1 week, father gaoled for theft, Mother & Daughter went back to London - Never heard anymore!
We lost our football, the american soldiers were sitting in a bunker filling the sandbags so we asked if we filled them could they get us a football. And they did. But it was an american football.
add your own ...

viii: A Moment From a Film

Here we are asking you to describe a memorable moment from a film in a few words – a moment that has meant something to you, or perhaps just one that makes you smile; if you can express it in between ten and fifteen words, all the better… [Read More]

Recently donated phrases:

The man realises that he is the sacrifice, the girl is alive and he must die for the failed crop.
The fat man eats a doughnut while the rest do press ups for his sins.
A group of boys are running across a bridge, there's a train approaching, two are falling behind...they run as fast as they can screaming, then they and jump, just missing the speeding train.
The man suddenly ages, he then looks up and sees a large rectangular shape at the end of his bed... the music swells, then he dies.
add your own ...